Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Very Random Things :|

I was eating some strawberries on a farm. My surroundings were foggy and it was very cold. The strawberries tasted sweet and I hunted around for more. 

I entered a barn and it was air conditioned. I went around and checked cupboards and cabinets for strawberries. I stepped into a kitchen with a tilted floor and looked around.

At this point, everything looked sepia. I opened a gate (that looked similar to one in my great grandmother’s house). I stepped out from the gate and I saw a lake. I walked towards the lake and then I noticed someone standing on the shore. I approached the figure and, I don’t know why, but I ended up on a chair on top of a hill. The environment there was also foggy and I could barely see past my fingers. 

I glanced down and saw a car. It was black and blue with a funny looking logo on the hood. I got in it and then drove off. 

Will someone translate this because it is totally random. Is this how dreams are supposed to be? 

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  1. Love the design of your blog. ;) Great photos. Will put your post on the round up so people can help you interpret your dream. :)


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